Crossroads Ranch Barn and Breakfast

Teaching kids who they are in Christ, with a cowboy flair!

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Crossroads Ranch Royalty

Here at Crossroads Ranch we have a Queen, Rodeo Queen, and Princess.

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Meet the Animalss


Meet the animals of Crossroads Ranch! Horses, dogs, cats, chickens, guinea hens, a mini horse, and donkey!


Crossroads Ranch Royalty: Crossroads Queen Rachel Lepke, Crossroads Rodeo Queen Maci Brown, and Crossroads Princess Breanna Sellers.


Crossroads Ranch has helped change many kids lives for the better. Not only do kids have fun but they also meet with God in a safe environment and have great testimonies to share about their time here on the ranch!

It has been a great honor to be Crossroads Ranch Princess. I’m looking forward to getting to go many places and represent it and really get the word out so more kids can come and experience this life changing place.

Breanna Sellers

Crossroads Ranch Princess

I’ve had a blast here. Crossroads Ranch has really changed my life. It’s brought me closer to God and helped me through all the emotional times I’ve had. When I got here I could already feel touched by the Lord. I feel really comfortable when I come here.

Chase C.

Silver Spur

I love the people and Dove and all the people who minister to you about God and help you learn. I thank God that I found this place!

Tequila Ziegler

Silver Spur

One of my best friends brought me to this place. Before I wasn’t as close to God and now since I have been here me and Him have been best friends. I have been going here for 6 years now and its changed alot in my life.

Larissa H.

Silver Spur

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